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Trials By Fire (Divine Order Saga)

trialsbyfire-final-coverFor five thousand years the world has been without war, ever since the Founding, when a divinely-inspired organization known as the Order forged every warring kingdom together into a single realm. Since then there has only been peace under their watchful eye, maintained by Justices – the living will of the gods in the world.

When Daron graduates and becomes a Justice, he discovers that the peace is showing signs of cracking. He becomes swept up in a plot surrounding a young woman, Leah, who is being ruthlessly pursued by unknown attackers. While attempting to keep her safe and grow into his new abilities, he becomes tangled in the plans of a man in possession of unholy magic, never before seen in the realm, who is bent on opening the eyes of humanity to a dark and hidden truth. He struggles to protect those around him and stop the first embers of war from flaring up once more after millennia of peace.

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