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Tortured Souls (Broken Souls Book 2)

After angels nearly destroyed the Ordo Felix Culpa—the world’s only defense against extra-dimensional baddies—reluctant leader Samuel Walker is finding his head a little crowded with what he hopes is only a voice from his past. Worse, Samuel finds that the supernatural world in Seattle is looking for some breathing room. A wealthy zealot and former ally of the OFC returns with an offer too good to pass up. Circe, a dangerous and beautiful demon, threatens to crank the dials up to eleven on an old supernatural cold war if Samuel doesn’t cooperate with her whims. As if that weren’t enough, Samuel is saddled with solving a missing demon case just to pay the bills.

Samuel finds himself stuck between a rock and a demonic hard place as he has to choose between saving those he cares about or keeping hidden the secrets of the supernatural world.

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