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Tempest and Inferno (Divine Order Saga)

tempest-and-inferno-cover-fullThe gods lied. The dark truth about the world is beginning to tear it apart. War ravages the land for the first time in five thousand years, and the Order is powerless to stop the change that comes with it. Even worse, Aiden has found unholy power, vowing to follow in the footsteps of the gods before him and become one himself – even if it costs him his soul. Daron searches for Leah in the middle of a crisis of faith, determined to be reunited once more and save the world. Leah struggles with the burden of her abilities, unsure of what the gods want from her. Her power is growing stronger – and more uncontrollable. She’s finds herself at the center of everything – either the savior of the world, or its executioner. Fire brings cleansing change in the exciting conclusion to the Divine Order Saga. – ebook and paperback

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