State of the Union

I’m currently finishing up the last few pieces of the puzzle that is my new book, Tattered Souls. This will be the entry book in a new Urban Fantasy series. I’ve contacted a cover artist and that ball is rolling inexorably downhill now; editing and a blurb are complete. I’m targeting an early May 2017 release at this point on Kindle with a wider push to other platforms in the fall.

The outline for the sequel is done and writing is already underway. In all honesty, it’s the second full outline as the first version wasn’t up to snuff and needed to be dragged to the gravel pit out back and shot. This version promises to be more engaging.

Beyond that, I’ve got a full outline drafted for another fantasy novel – standalone this time. A few exploratory chapters have been written and stamped with “Satisfactory”, and will likely be my next project after the first three books of my Urban Fantasy are out and about. I’ve got notes for another two or three books beyond that as well, thus keeping me scribbling away for the remainder of the decade.

Of course, sunny weather has just started to break through the rain clouds here, which mandates copious amounts of hiking. Maybe I’ll write some on the trail this year…

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