May 2017 State of the Union

Well, May has rolled around and Tattered Souls, my first new novel in a few years, is available now. I’m setting a new pace, and expect to have another two to three novels complete and hopefully published by the end of this year.

What’s in the works?

Glad you asked! This is subject to change, but here’s the future as I see it:

Tortured Souls – Broken Souls Book 2
This is 100% written and currently undergoing a second round of edits. I’m expecting edits to be complete by the end of this week (5/13) and off to my writing group shortly thereafter. I’m hoping for a July release.

Song of Despair – Shadowsong Saga Book 1
Tentative title. This is a rework of an older project, breathing new life into it by first beating it to within and inch of its life and nursing it back to health. This will be a fantasy series of three novels. Current status: 50% outlined. Hoping to start working on this by the end of the month, with a September launch.

Tormented Souls – Broken Souls Book 3
Also a tentative title. This will most likely be the midpoint of the series, picking up after the shocking end of Tortured Souls. Currently 100% outlined with some exploratory chapters written. This will likely be a December title if all goes well.


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