July State of the Union

I managed to get out and get some camping done this past weekend. A trek up into the Cascade Mountains (view from my campsite pictured above) with a couple of mile hike to a series of lakes just below a glacier. It was me, my Kindle, the outdoors, and some time to think about my next writing project.

Also something like 30 other people. Despite the fact that it wasn’t a main hiking path and 4300 feet up into the snow line, a surprising number of people wandered through the area. I’d expected solitude and instead found a tiny fleet of passers-by, disturbing the time I’d set aside for mulling on my next project.

Still, despite the myriad campers and half dozen dogs, I came up with a rough outline for a post-apocalyptic fantasy series. At the moment I have paragraph-long notes for five books in the series, though as I hammer those out into something resembling an outline that number may change. At the moment, the plan is to weave the new series in between upcoming Broken Souls novels, alternating until both series complete.

Plans have a tendency to not survive first contact with my roiling pessimism, however. Ideas are wonderful right up until they aren’t. So far, this idea has legs, though, so onward we go!

I’ve also started the editing process for Broken Souls book 2. It’s already gone through two drafts — the second of which was an 80% full re-write. I’m currently on a plot massage draft. I’d expect an October release for that at this point. I’ve contacted the cover artist to get that ball rolling. At this point it’s mostly about taking a jagged knife to the manuscript and excising all the crappy bits. Cathartic and aggravating all at once.

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