Trials By Fire

Flames of Truth

Tempest and Inferno

The Books

Tortured Souls (Broken Souls Book 2)

Samuel finds himself dealing with the supernatural power vacuum. With enemies new and old all around him, Samuel has to juggle paying the bills with keeping the secret of the truth about magic.…


I Guess It Is September Now

What’s New Fall is honestly my favorite time of year. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy summer, but I love fall. The rain and winds and cool-but-not-cold weather; the leaves falling and the need for jackets. Also I’ve gracefully allowed my…


Zero Days

Over the last year, I’ve spent a decent amount of time devouring any sort of media pertaining to the Pacific Crest Trail. This 2600+ mile trail meanders up from Mexico, through California and Oregon, then on up my home…


May 2017 State of the Union

What's coming for the rest of the year. Well, books. I mean, you expected that on an author's site, right? But WHICH books?…

The Books

Tattered Souls (Broken Souls Book 1)

Samuel Walker used to fight evil, but was forcibly retired one step ahead of a bullet to the head - until he's dragged screaming back into the world he left behind.…


State of the Union

The plan for the remainder of 2017. Spoiler: It involves writing books.…

The Books

Trials By Fire (Divine Order Saga)

Daron is a Justice, the living will of the gods. When he meets Leah, a young woman running from assassins, his world is changed forever as he learns a dark secret the gods kept from the world.…

The Books

Flames of Truth (Divine Order Saga)

Daron and Leah have learned the gods lied to humanity. After stopping a budding civil war, they discover that the secrets of the gods go far deeper than any could have imagined - a secret that could destroy the…